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Community Economic Development

About Us

Part consultancy, part educator, part social impact incubator, CGS is a Canadian leader in the global social enterprise movement. Our sweet spot is bringing together people and organizations from across sectors to make social, cultural and environmental change through business. We achieve this through:

* working with entrepreneurs of all abilities to bring their ideas to life through practical advice and hands-on coaching;
* operating the world’s largest online social enterprise-focused education platform, the Social Enterprise Institute (;
* launching the careers of young professionals interested in changing the world for the better through business; and,
* through developing and delivering sought after education and training

Nova Scotia’s first Community Interest Company, we practice what we preach, investing 60% of all profits directly back into our social mission. We also commit to paying all of our employees a living wage, as defined by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and our CEO will never make more than 3x our lowest paid employee.